An English Girl in New York City

I am a Commercial photography student from The Arts University Bournemouth a Londoner born and bred, interning in NYC. This blog will be my personal experience throughout the journey, my writing skills are not the best at all and this is the first time ive ever done something like this but i hope this shows a true personal experience of interning, in NYC. With photos to go hand in hand.
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I shall return summer 2013 to continue my journeys in New York but for now I complete my 2nd year of Commercial photography degree.

Day 18 and 19 My last 2 days

Day 18 = Final photoshoot of my current time in NYC, of Charles Ly another amazing artist. Using natural light and creating a enhanced studio setting in his bedroom/studio we began to shoot finally capturing Charle’s essence in the portrait. Shoot complete and one successful portrait. 

Day 19 = The end of it all after a amazing night out i prepared myself that morning for the long journey home thankfully i would be accompanied by a great friend back to London. Newark airport is officially the worst airport. But we made it back to the misery of england.

Day 17 My Last Saturday

Morning bright and early over to Chrissys i head, I work on the portrait of a artist editing away. Chatting to Chrissy I will miss her I will miss this I hope soon enough to be back in NYC continuing. It has been a experience like no other changing my future my perceptions my personality and opening up new doors of my life’s path. 

All of a sudden theres a decision where going to Queens to watch Avengers movie well I am happy enough for this and with the company of Chrissy and Dan I am set…

I wouldn’t of chose to go see this film but I am so pleased i did!!!!! It is a great film and a must see unfortunately i fell asleep for a little bit but I saw the most important parts and i officially want to be the female in the film Black Widow, I have always wanted to be a superhero, Wonder Woman is still number one but Black Widow seriously knows how to handle herself!

After the very fun interval its back to work and Dans haircut, but time flies and I need to get some new shoes my Vans have holes in and i can feel exactly which type of floor i am walking along, so I head back to Union Sq my favorite to discover Shoe Mania two pairs of Vans £33!!!!!!!!!!!! one grey one black I am set……………..

Day 16 Why i love union sq

Work at 10 bagels and coffee to start, last friday before going home………. 

And it starts so its the day of music, I begin to edit through photos and start retouching then begin to email potential vendors and artists for the art gallery.

But tbh today is more about music I am followed by music everywhere. Music is something that can draw out hidden emotions from people, happy, sad, funny there is always music to suit. At Montrose station that morning a saxophonist  playing away at the end of the platform no one about but he was content, the passion came through and his soul came out. Then boarding the train to Manhattan it was, after work i head home to complete my tasks but 6pm I wrap up and off shopping it is for me.

Union Sq if you want good street performers then its here your find it, music blasting through the subways and people watching you see some dancing, singing, crying and laughing, the instruments unexpected like buckets. Music draws out personality from even those that are quiet music has a way about it to change a situation. Everywhere i went today music followed it inspired and focused, keeping me strong.

Time Sq at night the light the people, I have not found anywhere in the world that is like it, buskers, shops, families and friends. These lights brighten up everything no matter what time it is you will discover brightness.

I head back with the trail of music and I know all over the world music will bring people together…

Few fromday 15

Day 15 earned myself a new Internship…….

Woke up, felt so rough but o well still gotta head to work….. So i’ve googled a route which seems fairly easy so I head off to DUMBO a new place a new day. 

But no I arrive at High St and ask the lady in the booth directions and discover she has the worst attitude out of anyone I’ve met in NYC!!!!!!!! Is this how todays going to be? I hope not! So I head up the stairs to find my own way ask the lady in the food stool who points me up the street but this is confusing, sooooo many signs and not the one I need. Finally Im in the right area (I thought) find a cop and he tells me Im at the totally wrong end of a mile long road by now I am late and hate google!

I text Aurelie and thankfully she is running late also so I power walk down the road, and finally I’m getting closer…. DUMBO finally! I find the office and we begin the meeting about a Internship with Resource magazine shortly later its mine, I will keep in contact and work out the best time to come back. Finally the days looking better, I take some snaps in DUMBO and head to Karens.

I have a nice normal productive day with Karen and her family the boys Liam and Waylan cheer me up the drew pictures in my note book so I can remember them and the day flys by.

Time for Dinner head to meet people at 1st ave Indian it is, a big group of us at dinner meet some lovely MUAs that have jus graduated always good to know a few make-up artists :)

After dinner we head to one of the girls roof tops in Soho stunning views of the city and good music.

Day 14…. rip nonno

My day started off slowly having to pay $60 to send my work to the UK recorded delivery, took the dog out on the walk with me, then back to work. Emails sent, photo editing down and preparing questions for the artists articles.

But about 5pm i got some horrible news my Granddad has passed away so I thought  I’d use this space to tell you all what a spectacular man he was, if anything the best most fun grandfather ever! 

So imagine a small Italian man full of life, would come out with the most funniest and ridiculous comments, loved a good glass of wine and a great chef if my nan ever let him in the kitchen, his been the only granddad i knew but his personality was enough for about 10. I have absolutely no bad memories of him and never think you would come across anyone who has. He cared for everyone, looked after everyone and still when he was in his late 70s would go missing on holidays for hours and come back having done a crazy hike for miles… Memories of him climbing trees for figs I mean what 70-80 year olds do that?  Last holiday we went on he entered a twist competition and got pretty far I mean this was him all over…

Always making everyone laugh and cheering everyone up, words cannot describe how much i love him, I just hope his comfortable now and no longer in pain RIP Nonno you will be missed by all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And he did love a good hat :)